Operational and application maintenance

The scope of maintenance offered by ITECHIA is divided into four levels:
Level 1: Preventive maintenance
Level 2: Remote maintenance
Level 3: Curative maintenance
Level 4: Upgradeable maintenance

1 – Description of preventive maintenance (PM)
It consists of one to two visits per year at each of the site.
The objective is to check the correct use of the equipment (connection with the central server, connections, network cables, power cables, HDMI cable) and to identify any malfunctions in order to keep the solution in good working order.
An intervention sheet is duly completed by the technicians in charge of this operation for each site. This form is countersigned by the Customer Manager at the level of the agency concerned or the regional or head office departments.

2 – Description of Remote Maintenance (RM)
Upon receipt of breakdowns or complaints, a remote maintenance procedure is triggered at our maintenance center and an incident sheet is created for this purpose and in which the elements concerning the location of the failure and a description of the declared failure. The hot-line responsible for receiving the incident file forwards it to technical support who contacts the Customer.
A ticket is then opened with a reference number.
If the incident is resolved within the framework of remote maintenance, the technical support schedules an appointment with the Customer site in question or the Customer agency for an on-site intervention within the contractual deadlines.

3 – Description of Curative Maintenance (CM)
Curative maintenance consists of:

  • – On site intervention for diagnosis and repair of all hardware failures
  • – Interventions such as repair and overhaul of the system in question
  • – Correction of any anomaly at the central level (physical server or Cloud)

4 – Description of Upgradeable Maintenance (UM)

Upgradeable or progressive maintenance is triggered by the Customer or by ITECHIA according to a preliminary load estimate and validated by both parties.
It may consist of:

  • – Ensuring a regular transfer of skills to the Client’s rotating teams
  • – Assisting the Client’s teams in the planning and distribution of content
  • – Assisting the Client’s teams in the supervision of solutions and equipment
  • – Ensure the installation and implementation of any new software version and provide up-to-date technical documentation.
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